About US

T Town Talk is the “Voice of Main Street “of Tulsa Metro. Host LA  deliver unedited interviews and on the spot commentary of what people are talking about in the street with hugs and kisses or in a cafe style metaphoric kitchen venue studio environment to foster a welcome open forum for voicing issues, causes that need heard, support and resolution.

Highlighting the grassroots movements issues, changes that leverage or maximize small business profit, municipal and all levels of political spin that directly or indirectly effect main street communities and people in the Tulsa metro.

Main Street Buzz is the live 24/7 day & night street beats planner guide that show case the artist, bands, entertainment, talent, places to shop, eat, relax, play, visit, the who’s who of Tulsa, schools, rallying, what’s open and closed throughout the Tulsa metroplex at your fingertips via cell phone, ipad or computer to make it easy for Tulsa people or  visitors to our city know what’s happening around town, early bird riser locate a bagel or coffee, late night people find the hang out or a bite to eat.  Get any where you  want go when you want to get there with T Town Senior Cab or speedy service at your door with Ecommerce Delivery. 

   T Town Talk the "Voice of Main Street," is a morning Show that focuses on the what  Tulsa people are talking about.  




          Be the  voice of main street can be heard

            A venue to be seen.

           Metaphoric kitchen table to gather, relaxing, talk, plan .

           Access resources and engage with the people who can help.

           Be a positive productive environment for solving issues.



 To empower main street by giving them authetic, engeric voice and  venue a  controlled mediated setting  to  conversant about the issues that impact the livelihood and lifestyles of main street and engage  with the individuals or entities about what is happening, why it is happening, search for amicable solutions together that are acceptable and accommodating to all involved parties they all can adhere to without the outside grumblings that delay or hinder a timely resolve, strain resources or prevent progress.