Cab Fare

                                                                  Basic Rates

                                                  $3.00 pick-up + $1.90 per Mile 

                                                                 Special Rates

   After Hours rates:               $3.00 pick-up $2.25 per mile   12:00 a.m. - 6:59 a.m.

   Weekend Rates:                   $3.00  pick-up $2.25 per mile   6:00 p.m. - 6:59 a.m.

   Holiday Rates:                     $3.00  pick-up $2.25 per mile   All Day


                        T Town Senior Cab                                                       Taking Senior Anywhere They want to go!                                                                                                                     (Seniors 50 years & Older)

Price Schedule

(See availabe services under drop down) 

                                                  Al-a-Carte & Support Service Fees                                            Charge for waiting per minute                                                                                 $ .05            Charge for additional rider                                                                                      $1.00            Charge for door to door service                                                                              $3.00            Charge for support assistace  (please see information under company services tab)

Taxi Pomo: Purchase Slash Pass: $250.00 0.90 per mile (Decemeber only $200.00 great stocking stuffer for Christmas) decrease cab fare to $3.00 + $1.00 per mile. Renew every January.....

A meter inside the taxi calculates the cost of your ride and displays the fare. The cost of a taxi ride in Tulsa is regulated, and each taxi charges the same fares. All meters print a receipt showing the charges for your trip.

Taxi fare is a combination of three separate charges:

drop charge
distance charge
time charge
You don't simultaneously pay both distance and time charges; you pay one or the other. This table summarizes Seattle taxi fares:

Taxi charges Fare rate
Drop charge: Applied as soon as you enter the taxi and accept a ride $3.00
Distance charge: Applied once the taxi is travelling to your destination $1.90 per mile
($0.30 per 1/9 mile)
Time charge: Applied when the taxi stops or travels at slow speeds during the trip (for example, at red lights or in heavy stop-and-go traffic) $0.50 per minute
($0.30 per 36 seconds)
 Airport flat rate (to/from downtown) varies

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