Conflict Resolution Group  

 This therapist lead group will focus on relationships, association, circle of friends, negative behavior; , running away, gangs, crime  the conflict, appeal, triggers, consequences and the resolve to

 allow the youth to process  through the problems that are at the source of their conflicts, determine the reasons for the choices they made, find resolutions that are effective enough at preventing entanglement.   

 The youth will record in their dairies the purpose of the group the decision they choose to make, how it matters what do, how they understand conflict, consequences of their action and what think they need to do for a  productive life.

Production Therapy Group

 Production Therapy

 Production Therapy is to  give today's youth an outlet for expressing their feelings, behaviors, thaoughts, desires in a productions format in using the art and other mediums of self choice or a combination as positive means release.

 A support system that can help youth learn how choices good and bad affect their lives.  Stop youth from self destructing with negative behaviors and poor choices give a release using production therapy as a positive plaform where soiciety and parents can come to understand the root causes of the expressions. 

 Youth today are Youth Under Siege in a world that lack morals and boundaries. Making a positive choice in today’s’ world requires prevention and intervention support.  Letting youth take an active role in self discovering why they act out defiantly at home, school, in society causing conflict, displaying criminal behaviors (curfew violations, running away, substance abuse, stealing), lack impulse control, behave as a juvenile delinquents and understanding the impact it has on their life and others, will empower them to make  inform life choices.

 Anger Management Group

a person with anger issues usually curses, criticizes, yells, screams, hits, punches walls, etc. on a regular basis. Anger issues can negatively affect many aspects of a person's life, including relational and professional. There are several indicators or symptoms of anger management issues that we will discuss in the rest of this lesson.


Stress Management

Stress management

 A round table group where participates will discuss issues in their lives causing stress followed by an exercise work outs and yogi.


Situational Depression Group

 Dealing with issues that cause unexpected change (death, relationships, money problems, etc) that cause depression, one to be overwhelm with life, mental pain.  The group will provide moral support, fellowship, roundtable discussion to explore solution and give individuals opportunities verbalize feelings, needs and develop coping skills and guidance.

 The youth who have experienced these type of trauma that have  altered their perceptions of life will learn about  recovery or manage disease or situation process, triggers and coping skills to deal with life changes