Pseudo Outreach Parent & Partners Contractual Agreement

    Partners agree to the following terms of the contract:

    Partners will work with the LaDrea Project to create employment, housing, services and business opportunities in a cost effective manner for                              those   individuals having difficulty obtaining said services or opportunities.

T           he project will collaborate with partners by increasing

partner’s business traffic and managing the clients, human resource needs, behavior issues and other self improvement concerns of partners in exchange for fulfilling the service and or product above mention.

Those who have companies that use employees will work with LaDrea program participates who is seeking employment in one of the following areas:

_____ Employment Shadowing

_____ Interim ship

_____ Job Opportunities

_____ Volunteering     

_____ Entrepreneurship Stimulation

    P.O.P.P. Youth & Parent  ConferencePseudo Outreach Parent & Partner Team (P.O.P.P) - Consisting of a Counselor, mentor, police officer, teacher, therapist, youth pastor and Peer Advocate (Probation Officers), (Socialworker Case Manager). The teams function is to form a partner co-parent team that supports the parents  as a partner that can be consult with concerning challenges that relate to their area of special and to the youth a pseudo parent figure they can reachout to when they need adult guidance, support and or mentoring.  Youth will spend the day completing a series of assessment test followed by an interview with P.O.P.P. team professional and their parent.  Parents will attend a Q & A  P.O.P.P. Brunch, be given an overview of parent programs, services and resouce, complete parent registration and meet with P.O.P.P. team members and other families in their group.

  Attorneys will do pre/before and post/after conferences with clients with every new court appointment on day of to explain what the goal of the hearing for day, the approach they are presenting, what happen during the court procedure, why it occurred, inform client of next court date, their strategies in the case moving forward and why, and answer any questions the client has. Review the payment schedules so clients can visit with LaDrea Project Case Management related to resolving the payment in a timely manager.  Also send draft to LaDrea Project Case Manager/Office Manager so they have a record for financial management purposes.  


  •  Partners will make all cost for services or product transparent before the clients sign a contract for services and also the time payment plan.
  • artners will present LaDrea Project advertisements in their place of business.
  •  Partners will collaborate with the LaDrea Project to provide professional services offered by their companies or businesses to project clients seeking those services.
  •  Partners will do payment plans with project clients to make it possible for the clients to utilize.
  •  Partners will participate in LaDrea Project annual fundraiser
  • Partners will do workshops or Lecture providing all necessary material during the event.
  •  Partners will collaborate with the LaDrea Project to provide whatever their professional service or product to Project clients.
  •  Partners that provide professional services agree to communicate with clients verbally and through written documents to ensure clarity of services provided.


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