LaDrea Project Legal Clinic Group
   The LaDrea Project Legal Clinic’s is available to youth and adult participates. The legal clinic purpose is       to  provide participates with an attorney that will provide them with the terms of contract agreement for     attorney fees time to pay,  pre-and post Q & A conference with the attorney about the proceedings,             attempts approach at resolving cases, accomplish outcomes of each court appearance, hearing and           strategies moving forward. The LaDrea Project will  require legal clinic participates to attend all groups       assessed as needed in helping them obtain employment if needed, work on the issues that entangled           them with the court system or criminal activity and maintain a lifestyle that is conductive in becoming a     productive part of society.  

     Counseling Group  

     Anger Management Group                          Behavior Modification Group                        Drug Addicition Medical & Street Group      Emotional Support Group                            Process Group                                           Reflection Group                                         Situational Depression                                 Stress Management Group

     Emotional Support     


                     Addiction Groups

  The LaDrea Project addiction groups are for participates      who want to overcome the conditions substance, thing or    activity that have become an addiction affecting their          lives.

  The LaDrea Project support place will partner with                  organizations that address various addictions such as          alcohol, tobacco, opioids (heroin), prescription drugs            (sedatives, hypnotics, or anxiolytics like sleeping pills and      tranquilizers), Cocaine, Cannabis(marijuana),                            Amphetamines, known as meth), Hallucinogens, Inhalants,    Phencyclidine (Known as PCP or Angel dust), eating                disorders, sex, gambling and other addictions will be            address.


 Anger Management

   Process Group

   Behavior modification 

    Reflections  Group

 Situational & Depression Stress 

                                             Offenders  Empowerment Support Groups                                                                                                                                                    

  LaDrea Project Offenders empowerment support groups are designed to be an infinite resource of foundation tools participates can access on an as needed regular basis to find solace, vent positively maintain or build a new life during times of transition. 

A support place on demand system Individuals seeking direction, guidance, someone to listen or talk with training, access to skills, navigate positively through challenges, unexpected changes and day to day life, fulfill dreams or needs important to self are just know someone cares about them can locate, access, obtain  resources, information and professionals life foundational building tools. 

 The support groups will address problems plaguing individuals transitioning from a controlled                     environment back into a society of autonomy.  problem solving, triggers, coping skills,  recovery,  to live with the changes  improve quality of life.

 Trained therapist and counselors experienced in group development process treatment utilizing an array of therapeutic approaches. as a form of relationship association learning to manage struggles with  afflictions, addictions, behavior, past issues,         trauma of incarceration, innate mental health, societal conflicts,  disease processes, peer pressure, self image,  poor decision making,  relationships, educational challenges and or priorities. 




  Offenders  Support Groups

      Therapy Groups                   Feelings Group                            Production Therapy Group          Reflection Group                          Round Table Group                     Situational Depression

     Development Group           Image Group                             Individualisitic Group              Health  & Wellness                  Leadership Group                    Peer Counsel                               24-7 G.R.I.T