Placement Groups

Youth placement group designated is determined after the evaluations scores are established from information obtained  from the entrance interviews of youth and parent(s), assessments, testing, persona profile, creative list selection, on target needs ,personal development needs, conflicts and issues or lack thereof.

Youth will be placed in groups that provide the support system which addresses their needs more appropriately and with the least amount of stress possible to create a conductive learning environment where the youth can develop effectively.  The youth can be advance or change between groups as deemed neccessary to foster the best positive outcome or as needed for reinforcement. 

The a groups are as follows:  Leadership, individualistic , intervention, Transition I and Transition II. All groups are managed by a p.o.p.p. team trained to focus on the problems, need and resources targeted for youth in the placement group.

        Individualistic Team

  Youth that are not e xperiencing behavior issues but rather undecided about who they are,  what friend network they belong in or how to define self direction. They feel like social outcast that are struggling with developing socially.  Find themselves experimenting with unsavory relationships, are making wrong life choices, drug, premartial sex, unhealthy habits, defaint, lack self control, rebellious no positive directions or associations all to connect with peers.  Force the to need positive reinforcement and gudiance into their adolescence years more than normal. 

                 Leadership Team

Are youth aspiring to advance ahead in career, education and future plans?  They are on fast track and need adult support, experience that help advise them of choices with planning and connect to programs and resources

           Intervention Program

 Designed to introduce youth needing intervention to programs like OJA placement, penal systems, impatient facilities, personnel that assume the care of youth displaying a need for reinforcement in behavior or criminal tendency. 

       Transitional Program I

Youth who have timed out in foster care, group homes, mental health facilities, dropouts, youthful parents, parentless teens needing adult supervisor, guidance, life resources to build a lifestyle and human services structure in a program related to foundation building they can access infinitely  as needed to promote healthy, positive lifestyle.

                 Transition Program II

Youth that are connected to short or long placement programs of all types due to wrong choices and or behavior issues for rehabilitation that need assistance transitioning into mainstream life. This program is designed to connect youth and young adults while in  treatment or incarceration program to identify needs, assist with resources enhance positive outcome, provide positive opportunities to motivate these individuals to seek a positive pathway while  providing the program and services otherwise not available during inhouse treatment or detention for the purpose of creating a dual system of comparsion negative verses positive life choices to produce positve  lifestyle seeking

                     Prevention Program

 The LaDrea Project Prevention group is designed to negate youth from potential juvenile delinquency, develop listening skills, learn why bad choices matter, learn to stay on target, improve disposition and be matched adults who will help cultivate them through development stages. To focus on those displaying red flags,  negative behavior, defiance, conflicts at home school, escalating disruptions, suspension, poor grades, at school, mood swings, poor choices, gangs, criminal behavior, retaliations, unsafe actions, sexual encounters, guns  The program focuses on root cause of problems, preventing negative behavior, bullying, rebellious attitude and choices, supporting the youth and families through services in education, career training, enrichment and support services.  Targeted youth in this group those who have fallen into the court system, probation, juvenile detention or inpatient treatment


                                                                                                                                                                                             Youth Empowerment Programs are designed to give youth individual freedom to choose a life pathway free of outside peer pressure or coercion, authority to be confident about clamiming one's rights and controling their own life destiny using carefully planned tools that help them understand the choices they make today effective their future. 

              LaDrea Project

Support That Meets                                                The Challenges

    Gear up Boot Camp

Assessment Series
Profile Persona,
P.I.T.  Placement 
Pseudo Parent Assignment
Personal Pathway Plan

 OnTarget Academics

  Crime Prevention
  Drivers Education  
  On Point Classroom  Mgt
  On Target Academics  
  Think Tank Focus Center

    G.E.M.S.  Project

   Employment Shadowing
   Entrepreneur Stimulation
   Interim ship    
  Job Placement
  Site Booths

 YEP Support Groups   

Anger Management  
Conflict Resolution  
Disease Process Group  
Intervention Group  
Peer Counseling    
Prevention Group  
Production Therapy  
Round Table Group    
Situational Drepression
Stress Management    
Substance Abuse          
Transitional Group I    
Transitional Group II    
24 -7 G.R.I.T.

            LaDrea Project

 Youth Empowerment Programs

     Y.E.P. Orientation

  Sign- In

 Pick up:

   Boot Camp Schedule  

   Boot Camp Packet 

  Picture for Badge


   Meet Staff

   Youth & Parent Introductions

  Overview of LaDrea Project

  Programs & Services


              Y.E.P. Pathway Plan

  Is a personal action plan with target dates set to meet designated goals tailored to the youth’s developmental needs created by the A.C.T. II Mentors using personal information obtained from Assessment, A.C.T. II Team designation, Career Selection, On Target, Parent and youth Interview, Personal Development Goals, Profile Persona, Questionnaires and selection List choices

 Y.E.P. & P.E.P. Registration


 Admission Packet

     Y.E.P. Application

     Profile Persona
     Case management Profile

 Assign P.O.P.P Teams

 Peer & Parent P.O.P.P.  Round Table


P.O.P.P. Youth &  Parent Conference

Youth completie series of assessment test

  Interview with P.O.P.P. team professional 

   Parent Partner Q & A  Brunch

   Parent Partner Overview

   Parent registration

   P.O.P.P.  Conferences

  P.O.P.P. Youth & Parent  Conference

Pseudo Outreach Parent & Partner Team (P.O.P.P) - Consisting of a Counselor, mentor, police officer, teacher, therapist, youth pastor and Peer Advocate (Probation Officers), (Socialworker Case Manager). The teams function is to form a partner co-parent team that supports the parents  as a partner that can be consult with concerning challenges that relate to their area of special and to the youth a pseudo parent figure they can reachout to when they need adult guidance, support and or mentoring.  Youth will spend the day completing a series of assessment test followed by an interview with P.O.P.P. team professional and their parent.  Parents will attend a Q & A  P.O.P.P. Brunch, be given an overview of parent programs, services and resouce, complete parent registration and meet with P.O.P.P. team members and other families in their group.

 Y.E.P. Pathway Plan

Complete Assessment Series



Crime Prevention
Mental Health

Health & Wellness -
Social Skills -

Spiritual - Pastoral Counselor

    Y.E.P. Gear Up Boot Camp

                                                                                Y.E.P.  Gear Up Boot Camp

 Y.E.P.  boot camp is a two-week orientation that all youth entering the Ladrea Project program must attend. The youth will receive an overview of the entire LaDrea Project Core Curriculum, youth empowerment programs, services, policy, procedures, and requirements. They will complete a series of  assessments, a profile persona,  be assigned to a P.I.T.  placement group, meet their assigned Pseudo Parent and develop a Personal Pathway Plan. The youth will begin their bonding with their P.O.P Team professionals assigned to assist them with positive development . 

 The P.O.P. professional  support system  Pseudo Parent  is a co-parent to the youth and partner to parent that support the parent in  managing acute behavior, crisis situations, troubleshoot problems and provide stabilization for the youth and their families.  




                                                                   Youth Empowerment Support                                                                                                                                                Support Groups

YES support groups address problems plaguing today’s youth utilizing an array of therapeutic approaches, trained  juvenile Therapist and Counselors experienced in group development process treatment as a form of relationship association learning, to manage youth struggling with  afflictions, addictions, behavior issues, experienced trauma, innate mental health issues, conflict,  disease processes, peer pressure, self image, poor decision making, relationship issues, educational challenges and or priorities. Learn to problem solving, triggers, and coping skills to live with the changes of life.  Youth learn about recovery, disease process, triggers, alternatives and coping skills to live with the changes or improve quality of life. The LaDrea Project offers an array of supports designed to meet the challenges parents and youth are facing.