Youth Empowerment Programs

 Programs designed to give youth individual freedom to choose a life pathway free of outside pressure or coercion, authority to be confident about clamiming one's rights and control their own life using carefully planned tools that help them understand the choices they make today effective their future. 


 Parent Empowerment Program

P.E.P. is a planned series of classes, support groups, 24-7 access to people and resources needed to create unbroken or re-establish continuity of care for the youth, parent, and family safety, mental health, finances and structure.


  Pseudo Outreach Parent & Partner

  P.O.P.P. is an outreach team of   professionals using                     contrivance approaches to         coexist in a relationship with     families in  need of outside         reinforcement, resources and     people for  the purpose mediation, mentoring an  structure. The center piece     foundation of the LaDrea            Project. 

   The programs and services that compromise the structure of the LaDrea Project.


 Complete an 

LaDrea Project Admission Application

consisting of:
Profile Persona,
Case management needs profile in the following areas:
Personal welfare

Parent Boot Camp

  • Informational  
  • Resources 
  •  Support Groups   

OnTarget Academic Center 

  • Boot Camp On Point
  • Crime Prevention
  • Drivers Education  
  • Gear Up  Classroom  Mgt
  • On Target Academics  
  • Think Tank Focus Center                

Forge Ahead Economic Project

  • Apprenticeship
  • Employment Shadowing
  • Entrepreneur Stimulation
  • Interim ship    
  • Job Placement
  • Site Booths

 Support Services     

  • Assessments Intake
  • Legal Clinic (Lawyers & Paralegals
  • Bail Bonds 
  • Case Management    
  • Group Placement  
  • Mentors
  • Pathway Plans 

 YEP Support Groups   

  • Anger Management  
  • Choices  
  • Conflict Resolution  
  • Disease Process Group  
  • Intervention Group  
  • Peer Counseling    
  • Prevention Group  
  • Production Therapy  
  • Reflections  
  • Round Table Group    
  • Situational Drepression
  • Stress Management    
  • Substance Abuse          
  • Transitional Group I    
  • Transitional Group II    
  • 24 -7 G.R.I.T.




 LaDrea Project Core Curriculum 

                                   LaDrea Project Program

   Gear up Boot Camp

  • Assessment Series
  • Profile Persona,
  • P.I.T.  Placement 
  • Pseudo Parent Assignment
  • Personal Pathway Plan

 Support to meet today's challenges




     On Demand Professionals

     P.O.P.P.  Mentoring Structure


    Hotline 24-7

    Transition services.

    Juvenile and family legal Clinic + services.


    Social Media Support


Complete a series of


in the following areas:

  • Academics
  • Career
  • Mental Health
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social Skills

24-7 Support Place that requires mandatory dual participate youth and parent empowerment program service system focused on meeting today's challegnes, utlizing a pseudo outreach parent and partner concept relationship that coexist to provide contrivance approaches of moral reinforcement, information, resources, on demand professionals,  mentoring structure to assist manage at-risk, trouble, transitioning adolscent dysfunction behaviors and needs.

    Alternative Education

     Career Development

    G.E.M.S. Employment Projects

    Performace Therapy reinforcement 

    Parent Empowerment  Programs

    Youth Empowerment Programs

    Transitional Resources Programs

 The LaDrea Project is a dual enrollment program that requires the parent or an adult responsible for the  child in need of services to enroll in the parenting portion of the program at the time of youth enrollment.  Every youth entering any portion of the project  will be required to:


 LaDrea Project Boot Camp  

  • Orientation
  • Welcome & Meet Staff
  • Overview of Program & Services
  • Develop a Personal Pathway 
  • Assigned to
    • Peer Group
    • P.O.P.P. Team
  • Pseudo Outreach Parent & Partner Team (P.O.P.P) - Consisting of a Counselor, mentor, police officer, teacher, therapist, youth pastor and Peer Advocate. The teams function is to form a partner co-parent team that supports the parents in man a youth and family in need of services. 

      Friends of LaDrea Project

  Is a group of collaborating professionals that provide family and children services directly and indirectly that  become partners with the LaDrea Project  in a contractual agreement that function as P.O.P.P. team provider in their area of speciality and community advocate to the LaDrea Project program,  youths and parents they service.