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Main Street Buzz  is an interactive  Live 24/7 resource  guide that delivers real-time content about the shops , entertainment, events, venues, places to eat, learn, relax, work, visit, meet, plan a day on the town or a  visitor a vaction, navigate the city with ease or have fun learning what's new in Tulsa and surrounding communities all at your fingers on any smart phone, ipad, computer or  gadget that interacts with the internet.  


Main Street Buzz is all about making Tulsa talent and business a house hold word promoting and advertising your  brand by show casing your logo, image, service and product  keeping it part of what  people are talking about through the interactive Tulsa live resource guide where the buzz is broadcast 24/7 at the consumers finger tips.      No talent, venue or business is to big or small to surf  Tulsa live interactive feed where ordering food, shopping, viewing the city landscape scheduling service delivery, pick up of a package,  document or a ride can be done through ecommerce delivery.  A service available to any business or customer linked to  MSB Tulsa Live 24/7.

 MSB  Consmer rating system is an evaluation tool used to critique, compare, inquire complain give feedback of product or service  delivery experience available  immediately for business analysis of growth or to maximize profit.     


 Ecommerce delivery and transport is a service available to any business or consumer interactive users or service provider of  the MSB Tulsa live 24/7 resource  guide.