Morning Show  

                                               a. Opening Monologue

                                               b.  Christian Rap Sone

                                                c. Throne Room

                                                d. Today's Word w/Joel & Victoria Olsteen

                                                e. Trending in T Town Talk Atomsphere

                                                 f. Christian Song



 T Town Talk Morning Show is 60 minutes of getting in the know of what Tulsa people are talking about with host  LA & DRAKO

The "Voice of Main Street"



                                                 A TiBit's hot off the streets of T Town or straight out of

                             Iinseltown keep you up on 211 & 411.  Politic Spin is real talk about

                                           politic issues that will keep you in the know.



TTown Talk


 Morning Show


   LA  & DRAKO (aka 3nO'S)

                      Talking about what main street is talking about