LaDrea Project   Program 

  Auto Assistance Program

This program is for individuals who have who have successfull complete all written coarse work in driver's education in Oklahoma licensure program, has a license in good stand or had license reinstated that are presently attending a LaDrea Project Program are eligible to particpe in the auto assistance program. 

                                                Gear Up                                                                

                                    Youth Boot Camp Program                                                     

Y.E.P.  boot camp is a two-week orientation that all youth entering the Ladrea Project program must attend. The youth will receive an overview of the entire LaDrea Project Core Curriculum, youth empowerment programs, services, policy, procedures, and requirements. They will complete a series of  assessments, a profile persona,  be assigned to a P.I.T.  placement group, meet their assigned Pseudo Parent and develop a Personal Pathway Plan. The youth will begin their bonding with their P.O.P Team professionals assigned to assist them with positive development . 

 The P.O.P. professional  support system  Pseudo Parent  is a co-parent to the youth and partner to parent that support the parent in  managing acute behavior, crisis situations, troubleshoot problems and provide stabilization for the youth and their families.  



  LaDrea Projec Core Curriculum  


Rehabilitional Programs

Program Descriptions

Crime Prevention

    The crime prevention program covers juvenile laws at city, state and federal level. This program is designed to educate adults and juvenile about every aspect of the crime system from the agencies that enforce these laws, sentencing levels (juvenile deliqent, youthful offender, youth tried as adult, etc,), state custody, different type of incarcen more. 

Drivers Education 

 A Class that teach driving skills, city and state driving requirements for Oklahoma, preparation for state   written exam and assit with enrollment at the local drivers agency to take the official licensure test.  A car can be made available for those  needing one for the official test. 

  Transitional Program I

Youth who have timed out in foster care, group homes, mental health facilities, dropouts, youthful parents, parentless teens needing adult supervisor, guidance, life resources to build a lifestyle and human services structure in a program related to foundation building they can access infinitely  as needed to promote healthy, positive lifestyle.

   Placement Groups

  Think Tank 

A self-time out and de-escalation room for youth needing quiet and think time to positively process choices using coping skills and access A.C.T. II team mentor’s leadership staff for support during emotional or behavioral challenges and personal struggles.  The place a youth can go during the school day to chill before or after acting out during an emotional challenge or struggles refocus and process with their mentor for making a better choice in a negative situation.  

The youth can utilize the think tank as a study hall to complete class work, tutoring, relaxation, down time entertainment, de-escalation, process with mentors however it supports them with growth in making positive choices.  It’s their space to think about what is the best choice for the best outcome for self and everyone involved.  They can ask for a pass anytime or be requested to go by an adult.  Thank tank time is an individual’s time to learn about self, choices and what they want to accomplish.   

Intervention Program

 Designed to introduce youth needing intervention to programs like OJA placement, penal systems, impatient facilities, personnel that assume the care of youth displaying a need for reinforcement in behavior or criminal tendency. 

  Prevention Program

 The LaDrea Project Prevention group is designed to negate youth from potential juvenile delinquency, develop listening skills, learn why bad choices matter, learn to stay on target, improve disposition and be matched adults who will help cultivate them through development stages. To focus on those displaying red flags,  negative behavior, defiance, conflicts at home school, escalating disruptions, suspension, poor grades, at school, mood swings, poor choices, gangs, criminal behavior, retaliations, unsafe actions, sexual encounters, guns  The program focuses on root cause of problems, preventing negative behavior, bullying, rebellious attitude and choices, supporting the youth and families through services in education, career training, enrichment and support services.  Targeted youth in this group those who have fallen into the court system, probation, juvenile detention or inpatient treatment

On Target Academic  Center

 On Target Academic Center Is an education program designed to assistant parents needing an immediate place to enroll students during expulsion or suspension  short or long term. An assist them as another communication contact source for the school to leave information, request pick-up, or conferences if the parent is not reachable.   The P.O.P.P. team parent partner is  another guardian(s) request to attend parent to pick up youth, attend teacher conferences, readmit youth back into their assigned traditional school settings when parent cannot. These arrangements must be pre-approved by LaDrea Project administration, guardians, and school system with all required paperwork signature and documentation on file.

The center is staffed with certified trained teachers for instruction, supervision, a classroom environment with  peer interaction for continunity of age development interactive learning process. It is also designed to assist youth needing to recover required classess, credits, testing after return from dropping out transiting from outside programs suchas incarceration, group placement, inpatient mental health treatment facilities to counter the impact of environmental shock of getting back on target for graduation.  

Each student is set up on a customized action they plan and review with the P.O.P.P. team and parents that  targets their individualized needs.  For the purpose of helping them maintain a productive academic balance and foundation that allows them to get back on target for graduation.

 The P.O.P.P. team   will coordinate the time sensitive education planning and monitor the action plan to prevent the youth from becoming overwhelm. al action plan together make sure it is effective, monitored and not overwhelming for the youth.   Also provide a support system that offers extra reinforcement to help these students stay motivated, on track with academic development, grade level, credits, classes, and testing requirements.




                                                                Parent Boot Camp Program                                                                                                                                                   

 Parent boot camp program is a one day orientation overview of the entire  LaDrea Project Program. The morning session of the camp is spent attending a four orientation with youth. The after noon session will be a seris of break session where parents will be given an overview of  the parent empowerment program, complete their enrollment process and  along with an open Q & A session


             Spiritual Program                                        24-7  G.R.I.T                        Tag Line # GOD RESPONSES IN TRIALS

A program to teach spiritual guidance on morality issues, learn about having God in your life.  Youth can use their testimonial as measuring tool of positive life changes. 

24-7 GRIT is about knowing God wills response in our times of need.  It’s that knowing that if you trust him by praying, believing and standing on his word your need(s) will be met.  Through God’s word we can know he is our anchor in the life’s storms.  God cares for us and understands what we are going through with (family problems, peer pressures, school, etc,).

24-7 is another opportunity for youth to journal what they perceive as a trial in their life then locate scriptures from the bible to help them through their trial while developing a personal relationship with Christ.

24-7 GRITS a personal connection to God and testimony of how God Responded In Your Trial. Having enough GRIT to get through the trials is proof the word can help you hold on till the change comes…..

                     Leadership Team

Are youth aspiring to advance ahead in career, education and future plans?  They are on fast track and need adult support, experience that help advise them of choices with planning and connect to programs and resources. 

Transition Program II

Youth that are connected to short or long placement programs of all types due to wrong choices and or behavior issues for rehabilitation that need assistance transitioning into mainstream life. This program is designed to connect youth and young adults while in  treatment or incarceration program to identify needs, assist with resources enhance positive outcome, provide positive opportunities to motivate these individuals to seek a positive pathway while  providing the program and services otherwise not available during inhouse treatment or detention for the purpose of creating a dual system of comparsion negative verses positive life choices to produce positve  lifestyle seeking. 

                      Individualistic Team

  Youth that are not e xperiencing behavior issues but rather undecided about who they are,  what friend network they belong in or how to define self direction. They feel like social outcast that are struggling with developing socially.  Find themselves experimenting with unsavory relationships, are making wrong life choices, drug, premartial sex, unhealthy habits, defaint, lack self control, rebellious no positive directions or associations all to connect with peers.  Force the to need positive reinforcement and gudiance into their adolescence years more than normal. 


Youth placement group designated is determined after the evaluations scores are established from information obtained  from the entrance interviews of youth and parent(s), assessments, testing, persona profile, creative list selection, on target needs ,personal development needs, conflicts and issues or lack thereof.

Youth will be placed in groups that provide the support system which addresses their needs more appropriately and with the least amount of stress possible to create a conductive learning environment where the youth can develop effectively.  The youth can be advance or change between groups as deemed neccessary to foster the best positive outcome or as needed for reinforcement. 

The a groups are as follows:  Leadership, individualistic , intervention, Transition I and Transition II. All groups are managed by a p.o.p.p. team trained to focus on the problems, need and resources targeted for youth in the placement group.


                                                                      Pathway Plan

  Is a personal action plan with target dates set to meet designated goals tailored to the youth’s developmental needs created by the A.C.T. II Mentors using personal information obtained from Assessment, A.C.T. II Team designation, Career Selection, On Target, Parent and youth Interview, Personal Development Goals, Profile Persona, Questionnaires and selection List choices