Temporary housing                   

No one can start the intake process without submitting to a background check (criminal, sex offender), finger print records, and all part of processing the application approved.  Those convicted of a sex offense and violent crimes must see a therapist on regular bases.  

LaDrea Project Access card required to participate in all classes, programs, services and support groups.

Housing Programs

Stepping Stones to a Home                        

    Emergency Housing

    Temporary Housing

    Permanent Housing 

Resource Initiative Transition


                                                            Changing the Way People Live

Target Audience:  Transitioning Offenders                                                                        

Transition III    

Step #3: Cobble Stones:    Case Management Rehabilitation Process  

A.      Transportation Arrangement

B.     Immunization Record

C.      Health & Wellness Check

D.     Housing & Necessities Coordination

E.      Employment Placement



                 Transition II     

             Step # 2: Pebbles 

       Intake Interview Process

A.     Application Processing

a.      Enrollment Application Review


c.       Intake Assessments

                                                              i.      Behavioral Assessment

                                                             ii.      Character/Morality Assessment

                                                           iii.      Criminal Assessment

                                                           iv.      Mental Health Assessment

                                                             v.      Spiritual Assessment

d.      Employment Interviews

e.      Housing Interview

f.        Career Intake

                                                              i.      Apprenticeships

                                                             ii.      Entrepreneur Stimulations

                                                           iii.      Interim ship

B.       Checklist Coordination

a.      Registration

                                                              i.      Classes

                                                             ii.      Counseling & Therapy

                                                           iii.      Programs

                                                           iv.      Services

                                                             v.      Support Groups


                    Transition I                                        Step #1 Sands                                Application Process

    A. LaDrea Project Enrollment Application

     B.  Housing Application

     C.  Employment Application

      D.  Checklist of Needs

      E.    Application Processing

          I. Required Documents

               a. Photo ID  State ID or Driver’s License

               b. Birth Certificate

                c. Social Security

  Intake Interview via Video Chat

a.      Assigned Counselor Case Mgr.

b.      Schedule Counselor Intake Interview (Face to Face interview)

                    Transition IV

   Step #4:

  Cobble Stones (Transition IV)

Contract for Participation & Services

Contractual Agreements


A.      Review of 90 Action Plan & Development of Follow-up Plan

B.      Signing of Lease or Purchase Contracts

C.      Final Walk through of Properties

D.     Graduation from Program