T Town Senior Shuttles

Shared-ride Shuttles are door to door convenience price transparency affordabilty driven by qualified trained drivers perfect for singles, families, group events, corporate or business ….

Service Description


                24/7 Delivery

  • Will do delivers, drop off's pick up groceries, fast food, prescriptions, documents, dry cleaning, whatever errands are important to you.


 T Town Senior Cab                     

  24-7 transportation service for seniors on the go 50 years and older that take them anywhere they want to go when they want to get there.  


  T Town Shuttles 

Cost effective door to door transport for seniors on the go to appointments, church, visiting friends, Bingo, Voting, shopping, outings…. That eliminate scheduling conflicts with family and friends or walking to the bus stop, waiting cold or heat….

 is a transportation service design to meet the ever changing support and affordability needs of Seniors 50 years and older. Helping Senior maintain continuity of lifestyle by providing autonomy in mobility getting where they want to go when they want to get there. Lauching in August of 2018.



Price Schedule

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     Personal Assistant

 Medical Shuttle 

 specialize Non-Emergency Medical Transport for Wheelchair, Dialysis and therapy City to City  by appointment in the Tulsa Metropolitan and Oklahoma City Area.  Emergency arrangement will be considered on case by case bases for non-medical only. A wavier is required for all non-medical clients.


   Book a ride to and from the airport or places around town medical appointments, shopping, business, convenience, enjoyment or travel from any device. Book on web or Download the app from Google play store.   

LLet a Town Senior Cab sales professional help you prearrange orders of pick-up for one or more                    persons or plan out your travel needs single, family, group including corporate, company or                            business event just call 918-829-0435, text 22828 email: www. ttownseniorcab@gmail.com or schedule        online: www.ttownseniorcab.info


                        T Town Senior Cab                                                   Taking Senior Anywhere They want to go!                                                                                                                     (Seniors 50 years & Older)

                      Airport Shuttle

  Transportation to and from your departure and destination airport. The most economical, safe and friendly way to get to and from the airport.   Enjoy shared ride service to save money aboard late model SUVs and sedans. Advanced reservations recommended to ensure you've schedule enough time for pickup , check-in your boarding pass, bags and wheelchair transport if needed.   Staff is assistance can be arranged for a fee at time of ordering appointment. 

Hourly Al-a-carte Services


 T Town Senior Cab   Will deliver "your messages, packages and mail , .”  with speed and security, tracking service available