Offenders Resource Initiative                                                                                                                                                    Mission Statement

  The Offenders Resource Initiaive is transition program focused on support for offenders. It's about providing a foundation to build on again, start a new  or restore an existing life. Being a support place to turn when unsure about who you are, where to go, what to do, finding  employment, housing, support group when you feel hopeless regarding the future or nowhere else to go.  To be partnership driven enterprise  that promote autonomy of choice to people who need or want another chance at a quality a quality lifestyle through services, programs, resources and working with trained professionals in all areas that offer offenders opportunities require self driven choice.  

                                                            T Town Talk Cafe Legal Clinic

   The T Town Talk Cafe  Legal Clinic’s is available to youth and adult participates. The legal clinic purpose is       to  provide       participates with an attorney that will provide them with the terms of contract agreement for attorney fees time to               pay,  pre-and post Q & A conference with the attorney about the proceedings, attempts approach at resolving  cases,         accomplish outcomes of each court appearance, hearing and  strategies moving forward. The LaDrea Project will                 require legal clinic participates to attend all groups assessed as needed in helping them obtain employment if needed,     work on the issues that entangled them with the court system or criminal activity and  maintain a lifestyle that is                 conductive in becoming a productive part of society.  

  Offenders Resource Initiative Transition

            Personal Development Group

  Is a group for any individual not wanting to   be    alone feeling stifled in their present condition        to engage with others focused on self                      preservation and improving to vent,  share            ideas, work on their  personal finances, develop    a budget, get tips on  vanity changes, connect with others for fun  activities  (jogging clubs, bike clubs, camping, movie  night etc) kick start a new life and talk with trained  professionals (financial planners, counselors, etc)  that can provide guides on the next step you may  want to take.

Support Services

  Families Needs Group

 A group where the families gather as a group to identify their weakness, strengths, and needs that are at the base of the foundation deteriorate causing the youth conflict.  The group only with Care Counselors will develop action plans to improve family conditions.

                         Counseling Services                                              24 –7 Crisis Information Support Line

 This service is  staffed with experienced counselors      and mentors working to provide emotional support    provide solution to the conflicts or needs.   Also          assist with coordination of programs and                   connection to on site and community services.

                    Life Enrichment Groups

The LaDrea Project life enrichment groups is a comprehensive program for participates that want enrichment in their life by improving and maintaining wellness emotional, social, spiritual, physical, educational and occupational areas for personal satisfaction.

These groups will provide opportunities for participates to develop social groups from 24-7 G.R.I.T., jogging, exercising, sewing, cooking, business development to social media groups and more. Whatever a participate who like to do that is enriching to them, the project will strive to support.

                                                                                    LaDrea Project

                                                                              FRIENDS OF LADREA

   Our list of friends is growing.  LaDrea Project friends are attorneys, therapist, organizations, businesses, professionals       and volunteers who may be able to help you with criminal cases, employment, housing, resources and skils.

  I understand that no portion of any fees paid to LaDrea Project will be applied toward the service providers cost.  The        services providers are not obligated to provide you service and you are not obligated to use their services.  The service    provider’s  are referrals to make your search for assistance and quality service more streamlined.


                                      Support Groups

 T Town Talk Cafe support groups are designed to be an infinite resource of foundation tools participates can   access on a regular basis and find solace to maintain or build a new life during times of transition.  

 The LaDrea Project is a support place there to provide resources, information and professionals on demand or   as need to be a support system.  Individuals  seeking direction, guidance, someone to listen or talk with   provide  training, access  to skills that help them navigate positively through challenges, unexpected changes   and day to day life, fulfill dreams or needs important to self are just know someone cares about them.

 Learning to problem solve understand triggers, coping skills, live productively come to each of us in our own   timing. The LaDrea Project is designed to find out what a participate wants to achieve. The focus is on   addressing each participates needs, issues, challenges that drive their choices or decisions. The goal is a you   that is happy content living your dreams while having a support system that is always available that is   dependable.


  Employment Assistance Group (EAG)




                Career Boot Camp        G.E.M.S. Entrepreneur Stimulation       Forging Ahead Employment      Stipend Volunteer

 Employment assistance Group focuses on assisting participates with being employment ready,  mental stability, obtaining verification; social security card, picture ID State Identification or Driver License, Birth Certificate, resume, references or other licesure.   Receive guidance on developing a resume, cover letter, how to complete an application, reference list and discuss interview technique.  Explore other alternatives employment opportunities available to obtain income such as self employment, paid apprenticeship, internship, entrepreneurship, temp agencies, government programs.

Employment counselor will hold an open forum discussion where participates can vent frustrations, mental anguish, struggles or challenges in acquiring employment and learn tools or connect with resources.    on providing support mental through having others to share ideas, work on projects with and assistance with obtaining employment, learning what employers require for verification (Social Security card, DL or State ID etc) and receive guidance on obtaining. also have opportunities to explore other alternatives to providing income for self and family (Entrepreneurship, temp agencies, government source, apprenticeship, Vo-tech etc). Pre arranged employment opportunities programs and more.   


                                                                          Residential Assistance Group

The group where emotional, sharing of ideas and resources support of a group  is provided for individuals young and old who need a place to stay or want to transition from their current situation.  Here individuals will identify what the reasons are for their dilemmas and how to resolve the issues, review income or lack their of to determine options for where to obtain living quarters, expectations of preference and what you need to accomplish those.  Also collaborate on rising funds for utilities, furniture, and moving.




  A health class where they learn how to eat healthy, count calories, understand endurance, weight management, body mass and other skills that develop a healthy lifestyle.  Other topics discuss will be smoking, gun control, sex and today issues youth struggle with.

A health conscious plan that will use coaches and trainers that focus on teaching youth self discipline and control, structure to obtain healthy body, mental state, and physiological wellness goals to balance life style and personal choices. Individuals can select an activity that helps them to relieve or reduce stress.  The will learn about calorie Count, Image Development and Nutrition Tips.

Youth will select the wellness activity of their choice to help them with develop self control, personal confidence and qualities of respect for self and others.