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Support Place  24-7 

T Town Talk Cafe

    T Town Talk Cafe     24-7 Support Place

    T Town Talk Cafe is the LaDrea Project 24-7 Support Place.  The recreation of a metaphoric kitchen table              designed as a gateway support forum for parents, youth, offenders and people with challenges.  The                    purpose of T Town Talk Cafe Support Place is to find support groups, resources, services, programs and              people that can provide help. 

   A comfortable atmosphere where one can vent feelings of frustration, hopelessness, not face crisis or fears         over negative outcomes alone, but over a cup of coffee or a bite to eat with open acess to either relax,                 network or connect with  individuals or in a group setting with professionals trained to listen, understand,           answers the questions, do intake assessments, offer solutions or just connect people with each other to talk       freely about what’s on their heart.   Support groups for employment, housing, transport and more.

  Join me every Monday 11:00 - 2:00 for  Talk Cafe Outreach connect group for fellowship, bible study, learn about what is available at the support place food, fun, and more. 

  T Town Talk Show  "The Voice of Mainstreet",  host LA  will be part of the cafe daily from 12:00 - 1:00  p.m. to give      a proactive voice and platform on her show of what mainstreet people, businesses organizations are talking      about, wanting to discuss, resolve or just causing the mainstreet buzz. 

Talk Cafe Monday Outreach

  Counseling Group

  Anger Management        Behavior Modification    Emotional Support          Process Group                  Reflecton Group             Situational Depression    Stress Management         More......

    Development Group

         Employment Group                 Housing Group                       Legal Clinic                             Health & Wellness                   Parent Empowerment            Youth Empowerment              24-7 G.R.I.T.                                                                               

Transition Level III

Reconnect group focused on lifestyle identification. Striving to correct misplaced life choices after being separated from day to day activities of daily living for a season(s). Overcoming life events that caused change suddenly or overtime.  Connecting to people, resources and programs the provide support that help the get life back on track in a smooth transition.  An infinite  treatment support system during all stages of transition.

Transition Level II

Find direction after being separated from a traditional life style. These individuals will need to exam where they have been, choices, feeling associates, lifestyle, relationships and how they view life. How they feel about their life journey to this point and decision they want to make going forward.  Mentors are there as sounding boards , encouragement and listen as they find their way in day to day living.

Transition Level I


a means of access or entry to a Support Place fitted for a specified purpose needed to reestablish life.   Experiment with different people and choices searching for a life fit or sense of self.  They are overwhelmed with life due to environment and being afraid to be self.  They feel like social outcast not wanting to accept but forced rejection of the norms.  Mentors focus is these individuals with self-esteem, confidence, finding voice and purpose they really desire not through peer or lifestyle pressures.